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Last updated: 1 Apr 2010
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  • In 2009 I graduated from the Open University UK achieving a 1st class BSc in applied mathematics and statistics.

  • At the end of 2009 I started a part-time PhD in the school of computing at the University of Portsmouth.  My PhD is my own idea - computational optimisation of sport skills.  This is simply described as using computer simulations to work out the best technique to use in a particular sport skill, to achieve a particular outcome.  For example, the procedures that I hope to develop would enable us to determine the best jump smash technique in order to achieve maximum speed, consistency, effeciency or any other criteria that was deemed important.

    The work is different from traditional biomechanical approaches to skill optimistion in that it strives to be able to use complex models of the human body and environment.  Therefore it should provide more detailed and reliably better technique.

  • As well as my my PhD work I have a strong interest in all aspects of sport science.  Most of my expertise is in motor skill theory which relates to the coaching and performance of technique  (roughly speaking).  Additional to that I like to take individual topics and find out the current research on the subject (effects of stretching techniques is an example).