25 Dec 2004


Reviewing an evidence base

Before determining the ethicality of a particular action, the evidence base for that action should be examined.  Badmintology is one source for reviews of evidence (or lack of) on badminton specific sports science.  It is important to develop critical analysis skills to be able to identify the worth of an argument.

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Necessity of action

A mistake is often made - that action should always be taken, even in the absence of supporting evidence.  We introduce here a criteria of necessity:

Actions that are logically required to perform the sport (e.g. the shots) are a necessity.  In this respect, they will have to be performed even if there is a lack of evidence to guide best practice.  In this case, a 'best guess' is appropriate but it should always be subject to review if new evidence comes to light.

Actions that are not logically required.  A typical example of this is medical treatment in the absence of evidence.  In the sporting context, most conditions are probably self limiting (i.e. they will eventually get better of their own accord).  As such, the neutral first step should be to do nothing.  Only when there is an evidence base that demonstrates a positive value in performing an action (such as a treatment) should that action be condoned.