Supporting Badmintology
10 Oct 2005

Badmintology is a free resource for the community.  We ask the communty for support in our efforts and, to this end, have created a 'Supporting Badmintology' section for those interested in helping us.

Type of support Description and action
Feedback Any questions or comments on what has been written so far?  Use the e-mail links provided at the top of each documentation page to comment on a specific topic.  Your feedback is important so that we get our facts straight and present our information clearly
Requests Although we have a great many ideas of our own, we want to hear what you want.  Do you need information about a particular shot, game situation or a coaching method?  Contact us
Articles At this stage we have a great amount of information to add to the site, and our way of thinking is quite new in some areas.  As such, we do not have a great need for badminton articles at the moment.  However, if you feel we should see something, please contact us
Scientific materials Scientific papers on all related subjects, motion capture data and any other scientific information related to badminton please send to us

A lot of books go into the information on this site.  It is quite a financial drain and if you can support us in this area it would be fantastic.  We have created a wish list on Amazon under Joe Wright, where you can buy a book for us:

We greatly appreciate all support